Bring your coins to Money in Your Pocket™ for a fair and free assessment of their value. We will explain how coins are valued, the importance of condition and grade and present you with a fair offer.  Pick up our FREE KEY DATE coin list for coins that may have increased value!

Items we buy include:

  • All gold and Silver coins
  • Rare Cons
  • Coin Collections
  • 1964 and earlier silver coins
  • Graded Coins
  • Ancient Coins
  • US Paper Currency
  • Mint and Proof Sets

What are my coins worth?

Gold and Silver coins will always have a great value, even if they are not rate. Coins that were part of a collection can be quite valuable if the collection included key dates that were harder to find. If a coin has been graded buy a recognized grading agency, they deserve a serious look as the collector saw reason to have the coin graded, which is usually to increase the value and integrity of the condition.

Not all coins have value.

Many times you may be given or inherit a bunch of old coins.  They may have been left over form a vacation outside the country or may have a special personal meeting marking a specific date or event. These coins have more sentimental value than actual value.

But don’t be to quick to dismiss the value of old coins. Many coins that are older then 1965 are silver coins, worth much more than their face value.

It’s easy to find out the value of your coins.  Just bring them into our store and get an immediate offer.

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