Estate Services

Selling a household full of items can seem daunting to some. You may find yourself with no knowledge about the value of what you will sell.

For over ten years, Money in Your Pocket has been helping families separate items of low or moderate value from higher-priced items that need more attention. Listed below are the services we offer.

Jewelry Sorting and ID: Whether it is a few items or a few hundred, we have experience identifying precious metals, gems, and fine vintage items. Often, people will look at items and classify them as fashion or inexpensive jewelry. We have all the test equipment to handle unmarked gold and silver. Our equipment can detect diamonds and simulated stones. We will help you separate your everyday jewelry from more valuable pieces. Our service is free. We recommend an appointment if you are bringing in over a hundred pieces. And as always, you are never under any obligation to sell.

Authentication of watches and collectibles: We always hope everything is genuine. But we have years of experience authenticating watches, rare collectibles, and other commonly counterfeited items. Our background with coins, a commonly counterfeited item, can help you determine the actual value of a collection.

FREE Price Look-up: The Internet is full of items for sale. But often, asking prices will only tell part of the story. We use proprietary (pay) software to review over a decade of transactions for sold items only. This service is not available for free on the Internet. Subscriptions are required. With over a billion items in our database, we will find your item and the price history. No appointment is necessary for a free look-up.

Photo Review: Often, there are too many items to move. We encourage our customers to take pictures and bring them in. You can also TEXT photos to our main phone number, 928-855-9687, at any time or email us at We respond during normal business hours.

Note: we do not handle household items, tools, appliances, furniture, and other large items. We are happy to discuss items that are best sold in a garage or estate sale. Often, we can provide referrals for items we do not handle.